Workshop on Curricular Framework

RKSM-NIHAR organized a 4-day onsite Workshop on “Social Emotional Learning- a Path to Human Advancement” involving school teachers and other stakeholders associated with the organization in collaboration with LABHYA Foundation of New Delhi, during September 30 to October 3, 2021. This workshop is part of an understanding with LABHYA of a yearlong collaboration for capacity building to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in academic curriculum at the school level. It started from April 2021 and will run up to March 2022. This Workshop is the third event in the sequel preceded by two nos. 30-hour online introductory workshops on SEL and two onsite practical demonstrations involving teachers of RKSM Sister Nivedita Girls’ School.


The specific purpose of this workshop was:

  • Explore the vision of education;
  • Explore different pedagogies used in SEL;
  • Co-create different group activities under SEL;
  • Curate & design grade-specific SEL curricular content;
  • Demonstrate & facilitate SEL activities involving students of appropriate grades.


The number of registered participants (who have attended the earlier phases) was 22 and each day up to 8 interested but non-registered stakeholders attended the sessions as guest. There was arrangement for live-streaming of all the sessions to enable the educators and monastic members of other centers of RKSM to attend online. The links generated for this purpose has been made available in “Youtube” for later reference also. On the part of LABHYA the resource persons were 1) Richa S Gupta, 2) Aashna Taneja, 3) Vedant Jain & 4) Kunal Mishra (only in the concluding day). Arrangement for their stay had been made in the International Guesthouse of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. The report of LABHYA Foundation on this workshop is appended herewith.


On day 1 the purpose and approach of SEL was clearly demonstrated in terms of multiple individual, group and sub-group activities. Emphasis was laid on the creation of joint space to facilitate experiential learning, making meaning & comprehending complex thinking. Curriculum content was developed for class 6 & 7 to give some hand-on illustrative training. On the second & the third day 14 & 26 students from local schools came and the trainees tried to carry out some SEL activities with them under the overall supervision of the LABHYA guides. On the final day the focus was on actual content creation for assigned topics.


The mentor of this project, Mr. Samit Ghosh, the Founder-President of Ujjivan Small Finance also came down from Bangaluru to encourage us with his gracious presence. He distributed certificates to those who attended and participated in the online Introductory Workshops. Revered Pravrajika Jnanadaprana Mataji felicitated the LABHYA resource-persons with her affectionate blessings. The workshop was conducted with an aim to induce values and ‘Shraddha’ among students and it ended with a general feeling of happiness and mutual appreciation. 

You can watch on live this workshop by clicking on the following link

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